StudyTrove provides an online essay feedback service for schools. Students receive thought-provoking, actionable comments, allowing them to improve their writing skills even when outside of the classroom. 


How we work

  1. Students send in their essays, mentioning areas they want our editors to focus on. 

  2. Editors provide useful feedback, which is oftentimes based on specific teacher requests (concentrate on thesis, grade on Advanced Placement rubric, etc)

  3. Submissions are checked for plagiarism, and sent back with constructive comments within 24 hours. It's that simple.


What our teachers say

The editors at StudyTrove have proven to be incredibly knowledgeable about the new APUSH curriculum. In past years, I have had anywhere from 1-5 students pass the AP exam. Last year, I had 13 students pass! I attribute much of that success to the editors at StudyTrove!
— Jamie Vaughn, AACT High School